Azima DLI White Paper Guides Maintenance Professionals on How to Use Cloud Computing to Improve Plant Performance

Woburn, MA (PRWEB) November 29, 2011
Azima DLI, the leader and premier provider of Predictive Maintenance (PdM) analytical services and products, today announced the release of a new white paper, Cloud Computing Another Buzzword or Leveraging Technology? that discusses how cloud computing can be used within maintenance operations to improve plant operations.
Companies of all shapes and sizes are taking advantage of the cost and operational benefits of cloud computing, but many predictive maintenance professionals are lagging behind as they dont understand what it is or how it can help support operational goals. Azima DLIs Kenneth Piety, Ph. D. and David Geswein, BS, M.E. wrote this white paper to educate readers about how cloud computing can improve the efficiency, uptime and transparency of maintenance operations. The white paper contains an explanation of cloud computings applications within the maintenance industry as well as three case studies that showcase the technologys potential.
The predictive maintenance industry stands to gain more from the cloud revolution than most any other industry, said Piety. In fact, the cloud is already opening up many possibilities in the world of PdM in terms of centralizing data, improving collaboration and increasing access and transparency of diagnostic data to improve the timeliness of maintenance and repairs.
According to the white paper, moving PdM to the cloud will revolutionize the industry in

several critical areas:

????Centralization – Data is leveraged more efficiently
????Collaboration – Multiple people can share the same information
????Communication – Because email alerts, text messages, and even automated phone calls are possible, the profile of PdM within an organization is raised
????Transparency – More people in the organization are exposed to the PdM process and can clearly see the benefits
????Integration Automated data exchange between business systems becomes a reality
????Participation – The door will be opened for others to gather data, contribute knowledge, report observations, and feedback findings to the system
If interested in learning more, the white paper can be found here:
About Azima DLI
Azima DLI,, is the leader and premier provider of predictive maintenance analytical services and products that align with customers high standards for reliability, availability and uptime. Azima DLIs WATCHMAN Reliability Services utilize flexible deployment models, proven diagnostic software and unmatched analytical expertise to deliver sustainable, scalable and cost-effective condition-based maintenance programs. The companys offerings enable customers to implement comprehensive, predictive maintenance programs that ensure asset availability and maximize productivity. Azima DLI is headquartered in Woburn, Massachusetts with offices across the U.S. and international representation in Asia-Pacific, Central America, Europe and South America. For more information, call +1 (800) 482-2290 or visit
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